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  • 18 FitrusPlus What versions of the phone are compatiable with Fitrus+?
  • Fitrus+ is compatible with Android 5.0 or above, and iOS 9.0 or above.
    However, some Androids and iPads will not be compatible.

  • 17 FitrusPlus Is Fitrus Plus a medical device?
  • Fitrus Plus is not a medical device and is not a product for the disease diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention. Please consult with experts on disease diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention.

  • 16 FitrusPlus How much does the electric current used for the measurement of the body fat affect our health?
  • It uses a very low electric current of 50 kHz, about 150uA or less, so even children and the elderly cannot feel it during measurement.
    If you do feel any discomfort, please stop using it.

  • 15 FitrusPlus How do I recharge it?
  • You may recharge the device using the USB cable (Micro 5pin) included in the package.

  • 14 FitrusPlus Do I need to charge the device for the first time?
  • The device is being delivered fully charged but battery loss may occur during delivery.
    It is recommended to charge it completely once delivered before using the device.

  • 13 FitrusPlus Does the Bluetooth connection work while charging the device?
  • Yes, all operations are normally performed while charging it.

  • 12 FitrusPlus Do I need to turn off the power of the device to save the battery after measurement?
  • No, you don't have to.
    The device is automatically turned off after the measurement is completed.

  • 11 FitrusPlus Do I need a smartphone to use it?
  • Yes, it is optimized for smartphones with Android version 5.0 and iOS version 9.0 or higher.
    Not all Android devices, tablets, and iPads are supported.
    If you are a user of some Android smartphones such as Xiaomi and Huawei, please contact us.

    All measurements captured through the device will be recorded in the Fitrus App.
    However, if you try to measure the temperature with the device without the connection to the Fitrus App, no records shall be saved.

  • 10 FitrusPlus I am having trouble connecting Bluetooth
  • You may turn on the GPS and Bluetooth on your smartphone and try running the App again.
    Turn on the device and press Measure body composition on the measurement screen.
    If the device and the smartphone are properly synced, →→←← signs will be displayed on the device.
    (A Pin number may be requested from your smartphone if you turned on the device and enabled the Bluetooth before starting the Fitrus App.
    In this case, do not enter the Pin number, but try to run the measurement through the app first and then turn on the device.)

  • 09 FitrusPlus Can the app set to another language?
  • The language can be changed in the SettingsLanguage menu in the Fitrus App.
    System Default, English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese is available.
    If you select System Defaults, the app language is automatically set to match the language setting of your smartphone while Other languages are supported in English.

  • 08 FitrusPlus Can anyone else measure it?
  • The guest measurement feature allows anyone to easily perform measurements using one device.
    However, guest measurement data may not be recorded in the App.
    In addition, anyone can sign up for membership through the Fitrus App and share the same device together.

  • 07 FitrusPlus Is there a feature that can perform measurements directly from the device?
  • Press the touch sensor on the front of the device for 3 seconds to activate the temperature measurement feature.
    Select between skin temperature and surface temperature through the touch sensor, and then press the power button to begin measurement.
    Pressing the touch sensor again for 3 seconds inactivates the temperature measurement feature.

  • 06 FitrusPlus What does the OLED display on the device indicate?
  • You can see the last measured heart rate, temperature, body fat rate, remaining battery, and current steps count.

  • 05 FitrusPlus How do I reset my device?
  • The Fitrus Plus device can be reset by pressing the power button continuously for about 5 seconds.
    If the device stops or malfunctions, try using it after resetting it.

  • 04 FitrusPlus How do you sync the activity level?
  • Under the SettingsSync menu, you can select the option to capture the number of steps from your phone, Device Fitrus Plus, or all steps.

    Steps from the phone
    For Android, you can choose between Android and Google Fit, and the number of steps measured on the phone is displayed in the Fitrus App.
    For iOS, step data on the health app is being imported and displayed.
    The number of steps on the phone is not reflected in real time but reflected every 15 minutes, so it can be different from the OS's health app data.

    Fitrus Plus
    Check the measured number of steps on the device by connecting them with the Fitrus App.
    Power on the device and press Sync on the Activity screen.
    The display will show →→←← when the smartphone and the device are properly synced.
    The time taken to link the number of steps is proportional to the amount of data.
    Synchronizing time can be reduced by regularly connecting it.

    All Steps
    Collects the steps data that shows the higher value between the phone or device.

  • 03 FitrusPlus What is the time standard for counting activity levels on the device?
  • The standard is from 0 to 24 hours.
    The first one-time measurement via the Fitrus App will be saved together with the time data on the device and the reset is performed every midnight to 0 activity level.

  • 02 FitrusPlus The steps counts are not increasing properly.
  • Please check the sync settings in the app first.
    In the app, go to the SettingsSync menu and select between the steps on your phone, Fitrus Plus, and all steps.

    Automatically captures the steps counts data from your phone, and if it doesn't perform the measurement properly, please uncheck the Fitrus through your phone's SettingsBatterySleep mode exception app lists.
    (The steps data capturing features in the smartphone may not be supported for some models.)

    If you want to capture the steps data provided from Apple, please go to Settings > Sync and select Health App.

  • 01 FitrusPlus What versions of the phone are compatiable with Fitrus+?
  • Fitrus+ is compatible with Android 5.0 or above, and iOS 9.0 or above.
    However, some Androids and iPads will not be compatible.