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Is there any device connected to your iPhone using Bluetooth 4.0 or lower version?
If so, the device might not be connected properly.
If a problem occurs, disconnect the device that has Bluetooth 4.0 or lower connection and try to reconnect Fitrus plus.

If you have Fitrus Plus, you can measure your heart rate and stress level through the Fitus T App.
The heart rate and stress level are calculated by ONESOFTDIGM's own algorithm.
If you press the sensor too hard or if you do not completely cover it with your finger, the measurement may not be performed.

If you have a Fitrus Plus, you can measure the temperature in the Fitrus T App.
The temperature that can be measured by the Fitrus Plus is the object surface temperature and the skin temperature.
The temperature measurement sensor is a contactless sensor, so please measure it at a distance about 5cm apart.

Try to activate GPS (location) if the connection is not working properly.

If GPS (location) is not enabled, Bluetooth connectivity may not be performed smoothly.
Please activate GPS (location) and Bluetooth connection when connecting the Fitrus Plus with your smartphone.

Go to Settings - Personal Data Privacy - Location to activate it.

Samsung Smartphones
Tap on the top bar of your smartphone to activate it.

LG Smartphones
Tap on the top bar of your smartphone to activate it.

It uses a very low electric current of 50 kHz, about 150uA or less, so even children and the elderly cannot feel it during measurement.
If you do feel any discomfort, please stop using it.

The guest measurement feature allows anyone to easily perform measurements using one device.
However, guest measurement data may not be recorded in the App.
In addition, anyone can sign up for membership through the Fitrus App and share the same device together.

Press the touch sensor on the front of the device for 3 seconds to activate the temperature measurement feature.
Select between skin temperature and surface temperature through the touch sensor, and then press the power button to begin measurement.
Pressing the touch sensor again for 3 seconds inactivates the temperature measurement feature.